VIDEO: One Famous Photographer Praises BTS' Personality to the Skies

Aug 29, 2019

VIDEO: One Famous Photographer Praises BTS' Personality to the Skies
Renowned photographer MJ Kim talked about the time when he was deeply impressed with the members of K-pop boy group BTS.

On August 22, one YouTube channel shared a video of MJ Kim telling stories about working with stars including BTS, English singer Paul McCartney, English pop group the Spice Girls, American singer Michael Jackson, American actor Johnny Depp and more.MJ KimRegarding BTS, MJ Kim noted, "I feel like BTS will be around for a long time." and gave his reasons.

MJ Kim said, "I shot three commercials with BTS over the last three years here in Korea. What I had realized from working with them was that each one of them had such great manners. They weren't like that only the first time I worked with them; they were the same when I worked with them for the second time as well as the third time."

He emphasized that BTS did not become arrogant, but in fact become more modest and humble even though the group had gotten much more popular over this period.MJ KimMJ said, "Out of all times though, they truly impressed me last December. Normally, we would shoot photos and shoot a video version for a commercial on two separate days, but we had to get both done on the same day due to BTS' tight schedule. The shooting began at like six in the morning and finished around midnight."

He continued, "So, you can just imagine how exhausted BTS would have been, considering that they had just come back to Korea after their concert tour around the world as well."MJ KimThe photographer went on, "At the end of the photo shoot, we gave each other a big round of applause. That was when BTS members came up to me and said, 'Thank you so much for taking photos of us from the early morning until now. We also would like to thank you for continuously smiling throughout the time.'"

He added, "This is the sort of thing that we would say to our commercial models, not the other way around. They sounded like they actually meant every word of it, too; they certainly weren't saying those words simply for the sake of it. I've never had anyone thank me like that after a photo shoot. This includes all photo shoots that I did with Korean and non-Korean stars. They were incredible."

(Credit= '공원생활 / ParkLife' YouTube, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

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