Song Kang Talks About the Time When BTS JIN's Handsomeness Struck Him Hard

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 30, 2019

Song Kang Talks About the Time When BTS JIN's Handsomeness Struck Him Hard
Actor Song Kang revealed what came to his mind when he saw JIN of K-pop boy group BTS for the very first time.

On August 27, Song Kang had an interview with the press following the release of his drama 'Love Alarm' in the previous week.Song KangDuring the interview, the producer of 'Love Alarm' mentioned her first impression of Song Kang.

She said, "Song Kang had such a K-pop star-like look that I didn't even think that he was an actor."

To this remark, Song Kang responded, "I get that a lot. Before my debut, many people told me that I should try becoming a K-pop star, not an actor. But I've always dreamed of becoming an actor."Song KangThen, one reporter commented, "Didn't you attend the same university as JIN? He was preparing to become an actor at first, but shifted to becoming a K-pop star along the way."

Song Kang said, "That's true, but I just couldn't imagine myself going into anything else other than acting."Song Kang and JINThe actor continued, "Speaking of JIN, I've seen him once at school. I saw someone walking in the distance, but didn't know who it was. At that time, I was with my school friend and asked him if he knew who that was, because that guy was unbelievably good-looking."

He added, "My friend told me that it was JIN and I was like, 'Wow! So, that's how good-looking you have to be in order to become a celebrity.' JIN was literally shining."Song Kang and JIN(Credit= 'songkang_b' Instagram, 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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