VIDEO: BAEKHYUN Shares a Video of SuperM Members Bonding Over a Meal

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 2, 2019

VIDEO: BAEKHYUN Shares a Video of SuperM Members Bonding Over a Meal
All seven members of SM Entertainment's 'joint group' SuperM―BAEKHYUN, KAI, TAEMIN, TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS and TEN gathered together for some barbecue.

On August 31, BAEKHYUN held a live broadcast on his Instagram for a couple of minutes.

At the start of the video, BAEKHYUN said, "I've just finished practicing. I practiced hard even though I have lots of other things to do."

He continued, "So, I only got to sleep for like half an hour today. I'm exhausted now. Anyway, I came to eat at a restaurant after practice. I'm here with these guys. Let me present them to you. 3, 2, 1!"SuperMThen, BAEKHYUN panned his camera towards TAEMIN, KAI, TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS and TEN, who were sitting around a table.

When everyone got in the frame, they shouted, "Yay! Hi, everyone. We are SuperM!" and waved their hands.

As they did not know what else to say, they suddenly fell silent after that.

With an awkward smile, BAEKHYUN said, "Ummm... I probably should end our introduction here."

BAEKHYUN turned the camera back to him and all the other guys burst into laughter seeing him sweat.SuperMWhile BAEKHYUN was asking his followers a question, TAEYONG and TAEMIN went over to BAEKHYUN and made some playful poses behind him.

That was when TAEMIN said, "BAEKHYUN is going to pay for this meal, by the way!" and everyone except for BAEKHYUN shouted for joy upon hearing TAEMIN's words.

But it did not seem like that was something BAEKHYUN agreed on doing, because he just awkwardly smiled without saying anything.SuperMA few seconds later, BAEKHYUN came to himself and commented, "I didn't see this coming, but yeah... Well, we are going to have our meal now."

BAEKHYUN then said goodbye and quickly ended the live broadcast.

Meanwhile, SuperM is planned to make its official debut on October 4.

(Credit= 'superm' Twitter, 'baekhyunee_exo' Instagram)

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