Koo Hye Sun to Leave the Entertainment Industry for Some Time

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 2, 2019

Koo Hye Sun to Leave the Entertainment Industry for Some Time
Actress Koo Hye Sun is planning to take some time off from work and focus on her studies for a while.

On September 2, Sports DongA reported that Koo Hye Sun's lawyer has confirmed the actress will soon be temporarily halting all activities and returned to college.

According to the report, Koo Hye Sun's lawyer stated, "Koo Hye Sun will be halting all her activities in the entertainment industry following the release of her essay collections 'I Am Your Pet' that she is currently working on."

Regarding her future plans, her lawyer revealed, "She is thinking of going back to college."Koo Hye SunPreviously on September 1, Koo Hye Sun shared a post on her Instagram foretelling this news.

In the post, Koo Hye Sun said, "I would like to say goodbye to you ahead of the release of 'I Am Your Pet'."

She continued, "Thank you for giving me so much love and support until now. I was able to live the dream all thanks to you. Take care and be happy. I love you."

As Koo Hye Sun had not clarified what she exactly meant by 'say goodbye', a lot of fans worried about her.

After the news broke, fans were able to learn what she meant and have been flooding her Instagram with supporting comments.Koo Hye SunBack on Aug 18, the actress wrote that her marriage had lost its spark and her husband actor Ahn Jae Hyeon wanted a divorce.

Since then, the couple has been engaging in a public back-and-forth regarding Ahn Jae Hyeon's alleged desire for a divorce, which Koo Hye Sun disagreed with.Koo Hye Sun(Credit= 'kookoo900' 'aagbanjh' Instagram)

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