VIDEO: JIHO Collapses During Rehearsal & OH MY GIRL Members Help Her Out of Stage

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 2, 2019

VIDEO: JIHO Collapses During Rehearsal & OH MY GIRL Members Help Her Out of Stage
K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL's member JIHO collapsed on stage and fans are furious with the group's agency for not giving the girls enough rest.

On August 31, hashtags 'wm_cancel_the_concert' and 'cancel_OHMYGIRLs_BLACK_LABEL' started trending on Twitter.
OH MY GIRLThis happened right after a video of OH MY GIRL's outdoor rehearsal was released online.

During the rehearsal, JIHO looked unwell but tried her best to continue dancing and singing while her fellow members looked at her with worried eyes.

Soon enough, JIHO was seen dropping to the floor and the music stopped as a consequence.

Immediately upon the music stopped playing, JIHO's heavy breathing was heard, showing that something was terribly wrong with her.

It seemed like JIHO had absolutely no energy to walk by herself when her fellow members supported her to backstage.
Ever since this video went viral, fans demanded the agency WM Entertainment to let JIHO as well as all members of OH MY GIRL get some good rest before they carry out their other planned activities.

They are saying that they do not even want a concert 'Fall Fairy Tale: BLACK LABEL' that is scheduled for September 28 and 29 before they know OH MY GIRL members are all well-rested.

Regarding JIHO's condition, WM Entertainment stated, "It turned out JIHO felt dizzy, and also had a fever during the rehearsal. After being examined and treated by a medical team at the festival, she returned to Seoul and is currently resting with her family."

The agency added that they will be announcing the progress of JIHO's recovery as soon as they can, but has not commented anything about canceling 'Fall Fairy Tale: BLACK LABEL' as fans demanded. OH MY GIRL(Credit= WM Entertainment, Online Community)

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