VIDEO: BLACKPINK ROSE Updates Fans on Her Delayed Solo Debut

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 3, 2019

VIDEO: BLACKPINK ROSE Updates Fans on Her Delayed Solo Debut
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member ROSÉ gave some details on how much her solo debut is on the way.

On September 1, ROSÉ went live on Instagram and spent time chatting with fans.

During this live broadcast, ROSÉ mentioned one thing that fans had been dying to hear about: her solo debut.ROSEROSÉ said, "I know many of you are wondering how much I'm prepared with my solo debut. I'm working on it, guys. I really am."

She continued, "The question about when it is though, I cannot tell you for sure yet. I want it to be perfect and am strict to myself about that, because it means a lot to me."

Then, ROSÉ explained what she meant by 'perfect', "What I mean by 'perfect' is not just the song, but also means timing. I believe there is a right time for everything and don't want to rush anything. I want it to be out there when everything feels right."

She wrapped up the topic by saying, "I know it's taking long, but please trust me and don't worry."ROSEPreviously in February, Yang Hyun Suk―the head of BLACKPINK's management agency YG Entertainment―stated that ROSÉ's solo debut will take place soon after BLACKPINK's next comeback.

In the beginning of April, BLACKPINK made a comeback with its mini album 'KILL THIS LOVE' and fans awaited for ROSÉ's solo debut, but no news had been heard since.

After ROSÉ gave fans an update on the matter, they left comments such as, "I hope it'll be soon. I've been waiting for it to happen forever!", "Of course we trust you, unnie! Don't worry about us. Saranghae.", "Super excited for it already. Can't wait!", and so on.

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