ITZY's Pre-debut Profile Photos with SOMI Released Online

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 3, 2019

ITZY's Pre-debut Profile Photos with SOMI Released Online
It did not take long before K-pop girl group ITZY won the hearts of all K-pop fans around the world following its debut on February 12.

Only nine days after its debut, ITZY won first place on a music show with its debut song 'DALLA DALLA', recording it to be the fastest girl group to take the first win.
ITZYITZY consists of five members, and they are LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG, YEJI and YUNA.

Actually though, YUNA was not part of ITZY even until a couple of months before the group's debut.

There was someone else in her position instead, and that was K-pop artist SOMI.

ITZY's management agency JYP Entertainment had initially decided SOMI to be a member of ITZY, but she ended up leaving the agency in August last year.

Then, SOMI joined YG Entertainment's sub-label THE BLACK LABEL and made her solo debut this June.SOMIRecently, pre-debut profile photos of SOMI and four ITZY's members―LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG and YEJI were unveiled online.

They allowed fans to see what it would have been like if SOMI was in the group instead of YUNA.

Fans certainly found it interesting, but it seems to be the case that they are too used to seeing YUNA which make them feel slightly awkward to see SOMI there.

They commented, "I can't imagine ITZY without YUNA now, so it feel weird. This was pretty cool to see for sure.", "SOMI would've been a perfect fit, but I totally love that she went solo!", "Sending lots of love and support to all these six gorgeous girls!", and so on.ITZYSOMIITZY(Credit= JYP Entertainment, 'somi_official_' Twitter, 'somsomi0309' Instagram)

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