VIDEO: Krystal & Amber Get Extremely Thrilled to Spend Time with Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 4, 2019

VIDEO: Krystal & Amber Get Extremely Thrilled to Spend Time with Each Other
The two members of K-pop girl group f(x)―Krystal and Amber just had a mini reunion.

On September 3, Amber shared a photo of herself and Krystal on her Instagram.

The photo was of the two stars sitting closely together in the back of a car.

Along with this adorable photo, Amber wrote, "Still teaching me Korean 11 years later. Love you, loser ♥ you're still super weird."Amber and KrystalAround the same time, Krystal shared a video of Amber on Instagram.

The video showed Krystal getting excited as she sees Amber at a parking lot.

When Amber arrives, Krystal shrieks and asks, "When did you come?!"

Amber gets shy and hides from the camera at first, but gives her a big hug in the end.

A while later, Amber once again updated her Instagram with a new photo.

In the photo, Amber was holding a plastic cup with a cold drink inside.

Over this photo, she wrote, "Princess(Krystal's nickname)'s parting gift.", indicating that Krystal had given the drink to her right before they said goodbye. Amber and KrystalIt is said that Amber visited Krystal while she was on a break from shooting her upcoming film 'Ae-bi-gyu-hwan'.

These photos and video well-demonstrated their rock-solid friendship and fans are unable to stop smiling at the moment.

Meanwhile, Amber recently left SM Entertainment, her management agency of 10 years.

(Credit= 'ajol_llama' 'vousmevoyez' Instagram)

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