BTS RM & JIMIN's Past Talk Shows How Much Energy JIMIN Uses at Their Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 4, 2019

BTS RM & JIMIN's Past Talk Shows How Much Energy JIMIN Uses at Their Concert
RM and JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS' past conversation has caught the public eye as it showed how exhausted JIMIN becomes after their concert.

Recently, one ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom) uploaded a video of RM and JIMIN from June on a popular online community.

This ARMY stated that he/she was sharing the video in order to let the world know the amount of effort JIMIN puts into his performance. RM and JIMINThe video was of RM and JIMIN talking about random things on one of the days when they were going around the world for the group's concert tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF'.

During the talk, RM said to JIMIN, "The other day, you told me that you sleep with your lights on these days. How do you even do that? I have to turn all my lights off and put ear plugs in my ears in order to fall asleep."

JIMIN said, "Yeah, I have been doing that a lot recently. After our concert, I become so tired that I fall asleep as soon as I get back to my hotel room without even realizing it myself."

He continued, "For instance, there was this time when I sat on the bed to take a rest for a bit, then woke up the next morning. I dozed off while eating soup once as well. I leaned against the chair after eating it a bit, then I woke up three hours later."RM and JIMINThen, RM suddenly asked JIMIN to show the viewers the shoes that he was wearing at that time.

When JIMIN showed his shoe to the camera, RM said, "He even wears this sort of dress shoes to sleep. That's really bad for your feet, especially your ankles."

JIMIN responded, "Ah yes, I heard that you took my shoes off while I was asleep in Brazil. Thank you for that. I honestly don't have energy to do anything after our concert. You know, I don't even take my contacts out."

RM commented, "I'm worried about you, JIMIN. It's not like I can go and take your shoes off all the time and shower you."RM and JIMINJIMIN is known for his intense and energetic performance, and it seemed like he put more energy into his performance than many people had imagined.

After this post went viral, people left comments such as, "Wow, I respect this guy.", "Eek! I feel like he might be pushing himself a bit too hard!", "Whoa I had no idea! Please look after yourself well, JIMIN.", and so on.

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