Taeyeon Describes Girls' Generation Members as "My Everlasting Friends"

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 5, 2019

Taeyeon Describes Girls' Generation Members as "My Everlasting Friends"
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared what her fellow members mean to her.

On September 5, fashion magazine HIGH CUT unveiled some photos of Taeyeon from her recent photo shoot as well as part of her interview.TaeyeonIn the interview, Taeyeon answered a question, "Could you tell us what you did with your fellow members on the day when you girls gathered together recently?"

Taeyeon said, "August is our 'party' month, because Tiffany's birthday and our debut anniversary are all in August. We get so excited about what to do in August that we already start planning things out in July."

She continued, "Our meetup was a pretty relaxing one this time. We just had some food around the table and chatted for ages."TaeyeonThen, Taeyeon mentioned how important the members of Girls' Generation are to her in life.

Taeyeon said with a smile, "They are my everlasting friends. I feel like we'll stay friends for the rest of our lives."

She added, "You know how there are times when you are just fed up with your work? We give each other strength during tough times like that; we are always there for one another." TaeyeonMeanwhile, Girls' Generation welcomed its 12th debut anniversary last month.

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