Kim Sung Hyun Leaves IN2IT; Says His Agency Is Demanding a Penalty of 120M

Sep 5, 2019

Kim Sung Hyun Leaves IN2IT; Says His Agency Is Demanding a Penalty of 120M
Kim Sung Hyun of K-pop boy group IN2IT revealed that he was asked to pay a penalty of 120 million won (approximately 100 thousand dollars) before he can leave his management agency.

On September 5, IN2IT's management agency MMO Entertainment announced Kim Sung Hyun's departure from the group.
Kim Sung HyunThe agency stated, "Kim Sung Hyun has decided to end his activities as IN2IT due to personal reasons. We ask for your warm support and interest for Kim Sung Hyun and the future activities of IN2IT as a 6-member group."

While the sudden announcement itself is shocking for fans, Kim Sung Hyun himself took his personal Instagram to explain the situation from his perspective. 
Kim Sung HyunHe wrote, "After signing my contract to be a part of IN2IT, I have never once received any type of monetary earnings including any sort of contract payments. [...] I asked my agency for any news on our next promotion plans, but the only response we received was negativity as the company claimed that it was now difficult to invest any more money into IN2IT, due to the large amount of money invested in 'Boys 24'."

Kim Sung Hyun further revealed that he struggled due to the fact that his family was facing financial trouble, and that his father had to quit work due to severe health issues.
Kim Sung HyunHe went on, "My agency initially demanded 350 million won (approximately 290,000 dollars) as for the damage fees, and the agency head asked me to wait until they discuss the amount with CJ. A few days later, he contacted my father demanding 120 million won (approximately 100 thousand dollars), and that they would announce my departure from IN2IT to the press. I was told that my contract would come to an end only after I paid for the damages."

Kim Sung Hyun added, "They said that they have invested too much money during 'Boy 24' so that there are no funds available for IN2IT, but for me, enduring the rigorous survival process of 'Boys 24' and debuting as IN2IT was poison to my life."
IN2ITIN2IT was initially formed through Mnet's 2016 survival audition program 'Boys 24'.

The group recently made a comeback as a 6-member group following Kim Sung Hyun's participation in another audition program 'Produce X 101' as a contestant.

Kim Sung Hyun is the second member to leave IN2IT following Jin Sub's departure in 2018.

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