Henry's Friend Mentions the Time When He Spotted Henry with Girls in a Bar

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 5, 2019

Henry's Friend Mentions the Time When He Spotted Henry with Girls in a Bar
K-pop artist Henry instantly froze when his good friend pianist/composer Shin Jiho talked about the time when he spotted him with girls in a bar.

On September 3, Henry and Shin Jiho featured in MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star'.

During the talk, Shin Jiho suddenly said, "Oh, I have something to say about Henry. I saw him on a date once."

As soon as he heard him, Henry's face hardened and he laughed awkwardly.

Henry struggled to come up with anything to say for a bit, then commented while giving Shin Jiho a death stare, "Seriously though?"HenryShin Jiho started unraveling the story anyway, "So, I went to a bar in Gangnam one night and saw Henry there."

One of the hosts Park Na-rae asked, "Oh, was he with a female celebrity? Was there one girl or more than just one? Tell us everything!"

Shin Jiho carried on with a laugh, "Henry was with a bunch of girls who didn't look Korean."HenryThen, Henry cut in and said, "You are done, right? Okay, let me explain."

He continued, "I have lots of friends outside of Korea and they regularly come and see me. I usually take them to Gangnam as part of my guided tour. He must have seen me when I was showing them around."

The hosts nodded as they were listening to Henry, but they did not look too convinced by him.HenryPark Na-rae and Kim Sook(Credit= MBC every1 Video Star)

(SBS Star)