Yeo Jin Goo Becomes a New Heartthrob with His Smart Look

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 6, 2019

Yeo Jin Goo Becomes a New Heartthrob with His Smart Look
Actor Yeo Jin Goo's recent appearance at the airport throbbed the hearts of many fans.

On September 4, Yeo Jin Goo arrived at Incheon International Airport with the cast and production crew of his drama 'Hotel Del Luna'.

On this day, he was heading to Bangkok, Thailand with 'Hotel Del Luna' team as they were rewarded with vacation after they had successfully brought it to a close.Yeo Jin GooYeo Jin Goo had his hair down in a neat manner and put on a simple white shirt.

To complement his sleek style, he wore thin-frame glasses.

Even though it is not easy to look good in thin-frame glasses, Yeo Jin Goo managed to pull them off remarkably well.

His overall look made him look like a smart university student; not just any smart one, but a very hot one.Yeo Jin GooThere were a lot of people surrounding him getting in his way, but he continued to smile brightly for cameras and fans.

According to fans who were there, he did not lose his smile for a single second, bringing about happiness to those around. Yeo Jin Goo(Credit= '0813jg' Twitter)

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