"BFF" Gary Shares New Photos of Himself with His Son

Sep 6, 2019

"BFF" Gary Shares New Photos of Himself with His Son
Hip-hop artist Gary updated his Instagram with new photos of himself taken with his little son.

On September 5, Gary took his Instagram to share some photos with a caption, "BFF."

The post consists of three pictures of Gary and his son at three different spots, showing how a caring father Gary has become.
GaryGaryBack in 2016, Gary suddenly announced that he would no longer take part in SBS' variety show 'Running Man', and that he hopes to focus on music.

Following his departure from 'Running Man', Gary married and had a son without publicizing the news.
GaryUpon seeing the new photos of Gary and his son, fans commented, "Mini Gary is the cutest.", "It's so good to see you with your baby son!", "God bless you and your family.", "We are still here waiting for your return, oppa.", and more.

(Credit= 'kanggary_yangban' Instagram, SBS Running Man)

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