VIDEO: NU'EST MINHYUN's Beauty Shines in a Stylish Black Suit

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 6, 2019

VIDEO: NU'EST MINHYUN's Beauty Shines in a Stylish Black Suit
It seems like K-pop boy group NU'EST's member MINHYUN in a black suit is what everything fans need to get through their long and tough day.

On September 5, MINHYUN attended an event held by one luxury watch brand.

On this day, MINHYUN appeared with greatly-styled hair and a simple yet fashionable black suit, making him look elegant.

His classy look helped further enhance his already-great physical attractiveness.MINHYUNMINHYUNUpon arrival, MINHYUN posed for photos in various places around the outdoor venue.

Wherever he posed, whispers as well as loud sounds of "Wow." were heard.

After posing for photos, MINHYUN was seen looking around and speaking to some staff members with curious eyes.
Photos and videos of MINHYUN from this event rapidly spread online, and his fans as well as fans of other K-pop groups left some comments about his appearance.

Their comments included, "That's my Prince Charming right there. Marry me, oppa!", "Wow, is he even real? How could any human look like that?", "I'm completely lost for words.", "I'm not his fan, but he really is one heck of a good-looking guy!", "Puff. My stress has just all disappeared." and so on.

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