VIDEO: EUNHA Makes Fans Smile with Her Cute Speech at GFRIEND's Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 9, 2019

VIDEO: EUNHA Makes Fans Smile with Her Cute Speech at GFRIEND's Concert
EUNHA of K-pop girl group GFRIEND's past speech from the group's first-ever concert is making many fans go "Awww!"

Recently, EUNHA's ending speech from GFRIEND's very first concert 'Season of GFRIEND' from last year resurfaced online.GFRIENDBefore GFRIEND wrapped up 'Season of GFRIEND', each member took turns to share their feelings with fans.

EUNHA looked emotional while listening to her fellow members speak, but she managed to hold her tears back.

But when her turn came around, she just helplessly burst into tears.EUNHAEUNHA told fans in a trembling voice, "I can see a lot of BUDDY (the name of GFRIEND's fandom) crying from here. Please don't cry."

She sobbed and said, "I'm actually a very lazy person. But you guys give me so much love and that drives me to work harder. Your love truly is my biggest motivation."EUNHAShe continued with teary eyes, "If it wasn't for you, I probably would be lying on my bed and having snacks right now."

As soon as her fellow members heard this unexpected cute remark, they started cracking up and some fans in the audience laughed as well.GFRIENDIt seemed like EUNHA was too lost in her own emotions that she failed to notice what was going on around her at that time.

EUNHA just continued her speech without even laughing or glancing at the members.

She said, "So, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you today. Thank you so much, BUDDY."

After training for about four years, EUNHA made debut as a member of GFRIEND in January 2015.

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