Bang Si-hyuk Tells When Exactly He Knew BTS Was Going to Become a Global Pop Sensation

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 9, 2019

Bang Si-hyuk Tells When Exactly He Knew BTS Was Going to Become a Global Pop Sensation
Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of K-pop boy group BTS' management agency Big Hit Entertainment, revealed that he had read BTS' global success years ago.

On September 4, American magazine Variety released Bang Si-hyuk's recent interview.

The interview included Bang Si-hyuk's answer to an interesting question: "BTS had some struggles in their earlier years. Was there a moment when you felt sure that they were going to succeed?"BTSTo this question, Bang Si-hyuk said, "I think there were two 'Wow' moments. 'Run' released in 2015, was positively received and I definitely noticed. We felt the need to test that reception and created 'FIRE'―and with the release of 'FIRE', BTS received global attention."

He continued, "Thinking back on it, I may have been too confident, but I told the members that I think they may have a shot at doing a global arena tour, and that I hoped they could become a group that was bigger than English-Irish pop boy band One Direction in their prime."BTSThen, Bang Si-hyuk told when he thought another moment was, "The second moment was when we were preparing BTS' 2017 tour. We prepared for around 18 months, which is longer than the K-pop standard."

He continued, "We were very lucky because the shows in South America had explosive success and even the local news was covering BTS' airport arrivals. With that start, when BTS landed in the East Coast, people were curious about them, and by the time they reached the West Coast, even Hollywood stars were saying they needed to get BTS tickets."BTSThe seven members of BTS―JIN, SUGA, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V and JUNGKOOK spent years training under Big Hit Entertainment before making debut in June 2013.

For the first few years, BTS was not at all in the center of K-pop fans as well as the media's attention.

The company and BTS members continued to work hard together, and along the way, BTS managed to become a global pop sensation.

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