7 Celebrities Who Look Even Cuter Without Makeup

Sep 9, 2019

7 Celebrities Who Look Even Cuter Without Makeup
Makeup can be a quite useful tool when one is looking for a way to change their look.

Also, it sometimes gives the people a confidence to do something by enhancing their appearance with just a few touches.

For this reason, makeup can act as a great ego boost especially for those who mainly make a living by performing on stages.

However, there are a number of stars who look just as amazing and seems even more adorable without makeup.

Let's take a look at these seven celebrities and find out how cute they look without makeup!

CHUNGHAK-pop artist CHUNGHA is a master of metamorphosis.
CHUNGHACHUNGHA looks even younger than her age when she is not wearing any makeup and reminds the public of a lovely girl next door.

When she is on stage however, CHUNGHA immediately turns into a queen who makes everyone holds their breath and scream out of excitement.
CHUNGHAThe fact that she is capable of switching from one character to another in the blink of an eye is a solid proof that she was born to be an artist.

2. Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO
Hwa SaAt a glance, K-pop girl group MAMAMOO's member Hwa Sa reminds the public of one legendary American actress from the 50s―Marilyn Monroe.
Hwa SaThe way she dresses and her makeup might come across bit overwhelming for some people but the more they see it, there will eventually come to a realization that there is not a single person on this planet who could pull off those things like she does.
Hwa SaBut without makeup, Hwa Sa turns into a bit of a cheeky but adorable young lady who excel at mukbang (eating show) and making other people crave whatever she is having.

3. SEULGI of Red Velvet
SEULGIOn stage, K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member SEULGI looks fiercer and more charismatic than anyone else.
SEULGIIf the word 'chic' could become a human being, it would definitely be SEULGI since the way she presents herself on stage is so gorgeous and elegant.
SEULGIBut after taking off her makeup, SEULGI suddenly becomes this cute little angel who could lighten up the entire room with just her smile.

4. Taeyeon of Girls' Generation
TaeyeonK-pop girl group Girls' Generation's leader Taeyeon's face is like an empty canvas that is ready to be a masterpiece.
TaeyeonTaeyeon is one of the few artists who could literally pull off any concept in the world since all the features in her face are not only harmonious, but also do not give off a certain image.
TaeyeonWhilst watching her pulling off all different kinds of styles, one thought might spring to mind that she truly is an inspiration of current era.

JENNIESome say that JENNIE, a member of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is a perfect combination of cute and sexy.
JENNIESuch argument sounds quite compelling since JENNIE always sweeps the public off their feet with her overwhelming cuteness every time she makes an appearance at variety shows and turns into a Siren on stage who could hypnotize the entire population with her irresistible charms.
JENNIEThe way JENNIE keeps the balance between two of her strong suits is simply mind-blowing.

BAEKHYUNK-pop boy group EXO's member BAEKHYUN gives off a completely different vibe when he is not wearing any makeup.
BAEKHYUNBAEKHYUN turns into a sexy beast while wearing makeup who could dominate the stage with just his presence, but reminds the public of their old crush back in high school without his smoky eyes.
BAEKHYUNAlso, it seems like BAEKHYUN certainly knows a way to make the most of his situation since he is always amazing at coming up with a facial expression that exactly matches his makeup.

JIMINJIMIN, a member of K-pop boy group BTS is second to none when its comes to utilizing his looks as an asset.
JIMINThe idea of getting sick of him might sound ridiculous and absurd for his fans since they could literally spend days and nights getting to know his endless charms.
JIMINThe gap between his normal self and the persona he presents on stage is one of the many reasons why his fans are madly in love with him.

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