5 Celebrities Who Easily Get Scared and Would Be Super Fun to Startle

Sep 9, 2019

5 Celebrities Who Easily Get Scared and Would Be Super Fun to Startle
Regardless of their real personality, most of the K-pop group members possess a certain level of charisma and energy on stage.

But even the ones who seem most confident while performing can turn into a big softy in real life after facing their fears.

There were tons of different things that could spook them starting from a darkness to a hedgehog, but they all had one thing in common: the fact that they turn into an adorable coward when frightened.

Let's go over these five K-pop artists one by one and find out what makes them so jumpy!

1. CHORONG of Apink
CHORONGCHORONG, the oldest member of Apink looks like the youngest of the group when scared.

Despite her calm and focused attitude on stage, CHORONG easily gets startled in real life. 

After watching her carefully pushing a knife into a barrel during a game, people might feel the urge to spook her even more since her reaction is to die for.


MOMOK-pop girl group TWICE's member MOMO who is known for her amazing dance moves is afraid of heights.
MOMOIn one episode of JTBC's variety show 'Package tour', MOMO eventually burst into tears while riding a drop tower.
MOMOLater on, MOMO revealed that she is so afraid of heights that she could not even use a bunk bed at first.

3. IRENE of Red Velvet
IRENEIRENE, the leader of K-pop girl group Red Velvet is known as a scaredy-cat.
IRENEDuring one episode of CELUV.TV's 'I'm Celuv', IRENE revealed that she could not sleep without a light.

But it seems like darkness is not the only thing that makes her nervous since she is also afraid of big sounds and unexpected movements.

JENNIEK-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member JENNIE tears up when she gets extremely scared.

When she made appearance at SBS' variety show 'Running Man' back in July, 2018, JENNIE put a smile on everyone's faces with the cutest reaction she showed after paying a visit to the haunted house.

After seeing a couple of videos of JENNIE, anyone could realize the fact that even the tiniest animals like hedgehogs can make her jump out of her seat and scream.

5. JIN of BTS
JINJIN might be the oldest member of K-pop group BTS but his behaviors are just as cute as a new-born baby.

Also, it does not take much to spook JIN since even the little things like pigeon could scare him to death.

JIN's hilarious reaction gets his fans every time since he not only turns into a cute little boy when scared, but also expresses how scared he is with his entire body.

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