VIDEO: 5 Actors Who Would Have Been a Great K-pop Star!

Sep 9, 2019

VIDEO: 5 Actors Who Would Have Been a Great K-pop Star!
Actors show off numerous charms while playing various characters in drama/films.

But even for them, an opportunity to flaunt their dance moves or singing skills does not come very often.

For this reason, some actors utilize their fan meetings as a way to unveil the side of them which they could not show it to the public through their works.

Let's meet these five actors who knocked their fans' socks off with an amazing performance and turned their fan meeting into their own concert!

1. Park Min Young
Park Min YoungIn 2018, actress Park Min Young held her first fan meeting 'MY Day'.
Park Min YoungOn this day, Park Min Young impressed her fans by pulling off the choreography of American pop singer Ariana Grande's 'God is a Woman' with utmost perfection.

One week after her fan meeting, Park Min Young released a dance practice video which clearly showed the amount of effort she put into her stage, and gave her fans one more chance to enjoy her amazing dancing skills.

2. Lee Joon Gi
Lee Joon GiAnyone who watched the film 'King And The Clown' released in 2005 would know that actor Lee Joon Gi got some moves.

In 2017, he completely swept his fans off their feet while performing three of K-pop boy group BIGBANG tracks 'GOOD BOY', 'FANTASTIC BABY', and 'BANG BANG BANG' at his fan meeting.
Lee Joon GiLee Joon Gi even released an album in December 2018 to celebrate his Asia fan meeting tour 'DELIGHT' and express his gratitude and love to his fans.

3. Lee Dong Wook
Lee Dong WookNo one would have thought that there would come a day when they could see actor Lee Dong Wook cutely dancing to K-pop girl group TWICE's beloved track 'TT'.

But judging by this video of him happily dancing to the girl group's song, it seems like he has gone through a number of practices before flaunting his dance moves in front of his fans.
Lee Dong WookFor a second, the viewers forgot the fact that he actually is in his late 30s because Lee Dong Wook looked just as adorable and sweet as any other K-pop boy group members.

4. Park Bo Gum
Park Bo GumSome speculate that one of the many reasons actor Park Bo Gum holds a fan meeting is to sing and dance in front of his fans.
Park Bo GumBack on January 26, Park Bo Gum packed his fan meeting with 17 different stages and let his audience get a glimpse of what would be like to be a fan of this version of him―a K-pop artist who really knows how to entertain his audience.

During his three-hour-long fan meeting, he put a smile on everyone's faces by reenacting the works of many K-pop artists starting from SEVENTEEN to IU and Paul Kim.

5. Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong SukThe rumor that people with long legs and arms are not equipped for dancing must not be true since this model-turned-actor certainly knows a way to use his body.

Back in 2017, Lee Jong Suk surprised many of his fans at the fan meeting by impeccably pulling off the choreography of 'New Face'―one of K-pop artist PSY's many hits.
Lee Jong SukLee Jong Suk shyly laughed the whole time while dancing but even his adorable facial expression could not hide the fact that he is a natural dancer.

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