5 Boy Group Members Who Named BTS V as Their Role Model

Sep 11, 2019

5 Boy Group Members Who Named BTS V as Their Role Model
Being a role model for the youth can be an extremely honorable thing, but it also could be the toughest job in the world since it requires a constant effort and a bit of a sacrifice.

Role models should be able to inspire others with their behavior or achievement, and must give the younger members of our society a courage to carry on and move forward.

For artists, the existence of a role model is even more important since majority of them need someone who could guide and motivate them on a regular basis in order to blossom as a magical being who gives color to our society.
BTS VLet's meet these five celebrities who chose K-pop boy group BTS' V as their role model, and find out why they find him so inspiring!

BAOK-pop boy group LUCENTE's member BAO is a huge fan of BTS' V.
BAOWhen asked who is his role model during an interview with a magazine, LUCENTE replied, "I'm a big fan of V. He is my role model."
BAOLUCENTE continued, "Whenever we are doing a cover of BTS' tracks, I always take over V's role."

HYUNMINBack in 2017, K-pop boy group RAINZ's member HYUNMIN proudly announced that he is a member of ARMY (the name of BTS' fan club).
HYUNMINOn December 28, 2017, HYUNMIN posted a portrait of V on his social media account which he drew himself on a sketchbook.

존경하는 BTS 뷔 선배님♡ 항상 응원합니다???? #아미_현민_올림??

변현민(@bhm__99)님의 공유 게시물님,

Along with the picture, HYUNMIN also left a cute note that said, "BTS' V who I look up to, I'll always root for you. Sincerely, HYUNMIN."

YOUNGHOONK-pop boy group THE BOYZ's member YOUNGHOON revealed that what turned him into V's fanboy was a video of him which he saw when he was a trainee.
YOUNGHOONWhen he made appearance at MBC's radio show 'Idol Radio', YOUNGHOON said that he became a huge fan of V while watching the music video of BTS' track 'War of Hormone'.
YOUNGHOONYOUNGHOON added, "He is good at everything. He is amazing at acting, facial expressions, and even dancing. I think there's a lot I can learn from him."

4. JAE HYUN of Golden Child
JAE HYUNAccording to K-pop boy group Golden Child's member JAE HYUN, it seems like V not only knows how to put on a good show, but also has a good taste in fashion.
JAE HYUNWhilst talking about his fashion icon during an interview conducted at his photo shoot, JAE HYUN brought up V's name and added that he occasionally saves his pictures to get ideas from his looks.
JAE HYUNJAE HYUN continued, "Every time he shows up at airport, he looks so nice as if someone dressed him up."

5. Park Ji Hoon
Park Ji HoonPark Ji Hoon from disbanded K-pop project group Wanna One is known as V's long-time fan.
Park Ji HoonIn one episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together 4', Park Ji Hoon said, "I love utilizing facial expressions on stage and V has some great facial expressions."
Park Ji HoonPark Ji Hoon even tried to mimic some of the gestures V did on stage while performing BTS' track 'FIRE' and proved his affection towards him.

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