5 Celebrities Who Met Their Favorite Artist in Person After Their Own Debut

Sep 11, 2019

5 Celebrities Who Met Their Favorite Artist in Person After Their Own Debut
One of the many benefits of being a fan of something is that it brings more energy to our mundane every day life.

Going to a concert or a fan signing event also sounds amazing, but an opportunity to work with them as a co-worker and even become friends with them could truly bring them a whole new level of excitement and joy.

Not many of the fans get to live that life, but there are a few K-pop group members who were tenacious and courageous enough to make such dreams a reality.

Here is the list of five celebrities who are currently living everyone's dreams!

Jane of MOMOLAND & L of INFINITEIf there is anyone who has the most interesting backstory, it certainly would be K-pop girl group MOMOLAND's member Jane since she used to be K-pop boy group INFINITE's fansite master.
Jane & YOONWhen she made appearance at SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Young Street' last year, Jane officially admitted the fact that she used to take pictures of L.
JaneJane said, "This is the first time I'm talking about this. I mean, everyone has their favorite artists. I wanted to take pictures of him because I love photography."

2. Kim Sung Kyu of INFINITE & NELL
Kim Sung Kyu of INFINITE & NELLIt seems like K-pop boy band NELL and INFINITE's member Kim Sung Kyu were destined to be together since NELL was the reason Kim Sung Kyu was able to make his debut as a member of K-pop boy group.
Kim Sung KyuIn one episode of MBC's reality show 'Living together in empty room', Kim Sung Kyu revealed that NELL's manager offered him an opportunity to audition for his management agency Woollim Entertainment while he was working at a cafe after getting rejected from many other labels.
Kim Sung KyuDuring his solo showcase last year, Kim Sung Kyu proudly revealed that he enjoyed his time working with NELL's vocalist Kim Jong Wan who helped him release his first solo album '10 Stories' and admitted that he truly became the most successful fan of the band.

3. Somi & Minzy
Somi & MinzySomi from disbanded project girl group I.O.I grew up listening to disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1's music.
Somi & MinzySomi's love for 2NE1 was so big that she even sang one of the group's track at the audition which helped her to become one of her former management agency JYP Entertainment's trainees.
Somi & MinzySomi and Minzy from 2NE1 became good friends over KBS' variety show 'Sister's SlamDunk' and released a track 'Right?' together during the show with other cast members.

4. KEY of SHINee & BoA
KEY of SHINee & BoAK-pop boy group SHINee's member KEY must have been an enthusiastic fan of K-pop artist BoA since he not only was an official member of BoA's fan club, but also has many of her albums including the ones that is incredibly hard to get.
KEY of SHINee & BoAWhen BoA and KEY made guest appearance at JTBC's variety show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator', BoA revealed that KEY is not very friendly compared to other members of SHINee, and he is the only member of SHINee that she does not have a phone number.
KEY of SHINee & BoAThen KEY replied, "I've been a huge fan of her ever since I was little. I... I did that on purpose. I wanted her to remain as my muse."

JUNGKOOK of BTS & IUAccording to K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK, the first album he ever bought with his own money was no other than K-pop artist IU's.
Back in 2017, a short clip of him celebrating IU's big win at '2017 Melon Music Awards' went viral online since he completely turned into an adorable fan boy during IU's acceptance speech.
JUNGKOOKThen in 2018, JUNGKOOK also dropped a video of him singing IU's track 'Ending Scene' on BTS' official social media account, and unveiled a full version of his cover a month later.

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