VIDEO: ITZY YEJI & YUNA Throw Out the Perfect Ceremonial First Pitch

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 9, 2019

VIDEO: ITZY YEJI & YUNA Throw Out the Perfect Ceremonial First Pitch
K-pop girl group ITZY's members YEJI and YUNA threw out the most perfect ceremonial first pitch.

On September 8, YEJI and YUNA had their special experience of throwing the ceremonial first pitch for the very first time.

On this day, YEJI and YUNA arrived early at Jamsil Baseball Stadium and met some LG TWINS players.

It was to practice throwing a ball and swinging a baseball bat ahead of their real event.YEJI and YUNAOnce the practice was over, YEJI and YUNA nervously stepped out on to the field where they were welcomed by thousands of baseball fans.

After taking a deep breath, YEJI carefully threw the baseball towards YUNA, and YUNA hit the ball just right.

It seemed as if they wanted to show the world how much of a perfect 'first pitch' duo they were.

They undoubtedly managed to impress fans, and were given a huge round of applause.

During a break from the game, YUNA, YEJI and the rest of ITZY members―LIA, RYUJIN and CHAERYEONG performed some songs to cheer for LA TWINS as well.

Not long after the end of the game, YEJI shared her excitement through the group's Instagram.

Along with photos of herself in the LG TWINS shirt, she wrote, "I had lots of fun today. It was such an honor. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity!"YEJIYEJI(Credit= 'LGTWINSTV' YouTube , '' Instagram)

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