7 Celebrities Who Wrote Songs for Their Beloved Fans

Sep 11, 2019

7 Celebrities Who Wrote Songs for Their Beloved Fans
People often demonstrate their gratitude or affection with gifts.

But sometimes, artists utilize more special tool to express their love since they can create something that could last forever and be enjoyed by many: music.

Every now and then, they write songs just for their fans and delivers a heartwarming message through its lyrics and melody.

Let's take a look at these seven celebrities who moved their fans with such a sweet gesture, and find out the story behind it!

1. CNU of B1A4
CNUK-pop boy group B1A4's member CNU left one last thing to remember him by before his enlistment.
CNUBack in January, B1A4's fans received a surprise gift from CNU―the group's digital single 'A DAY OF LOVE' which was written by CNU.
CNUCNU said that he got the ideas for the song from the answers to a question he asked his fans, "When do you think about us?", and added that he wanted to pay back the love he received and to express his will to be an umbrella for them on a rainy day.

2. Yang Yoseop of Highlight
Yang YosepIt seems like K-pop boy group Highlight's member Yang Yoseop certainly knows a way to move his fans.
Yang YosepBack in January, Yang Yoseop released his first digital album '20 Full Moons' on the day of his enlistment which contained two songs that he wrote himself and a heartwarming message.
Yang YosepYang Yoseop explained that through the name of his album '20 Full Moons', he wanted to imply a message that he will return to his fans' loving arms after 20 full moons.

3. Lee Dae Hwi & Park Woo Jin
Park Woo Jin & Lee Dae HwiLee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin of K-pop boy group AB6IX swept their fans off their feet with the sweetest serenade.
Park Woo Jin & Lee Dae HwiTheir track 'Candle' which was unveiled on Lee Dae Hwi's birthday (January 29) caught the eyes of many the minute it was released since the lyrics that he wrote himself with the help of Park Woo Jin was incredibly romantic and touching.
Park Woo Jin & Lee Dae HwiAfter releasing their track, Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi wrote on their management agency's official social media account, "Thank you for loving our track 'Candle'. We feel really proud because we wrote this thinking about you guys. We love you."

4. IU
IUIn May 2015, IU released her own song 'Heart' which was already unveiled at the end of the second episode of KBS' drama 'Producer' once.
IULater on it turns out that IU wanted to reciprocate all the love she received on her birthday (May 16) and wanted to do something nice for her fans who created a forest for her as a birthday gift.

생일 끝! 감사합니다 내일 이 시간에는 제가 드릴게요 선물??

이지금(@dlwlrma)님의 공유 게시물님,

A day before she unveils her meaningful track, IU wrote on her social media account, "Now my birthday is officially over! Thank you. Tomorrow, I'm going to give you a present."

BTSOn the last day of 2018, BTS' JIMIN shared his own song 'Promise' on the group's social media account and a music streaming platform.
BTSWhilst unveiling his song for the first time, JIMIN wrote, "This is a song for me but also, this is a song for you. It's my first time writing a song and it's not perfect but please listen to it a lot. ARMY, thank you for waiting."
6. BTS V
BTSBack in January, K-pop boy group BTS' member V dropped his long-awaited song 'Scenery' on the group's social media account and a music streaming platform.
BTSHis fans went over the moon after finding out the news that he finally unveiled his track since V has been dropping hints and implying that they will receive a gift in a near future.
V's track 'Scenery' which demonstrated the most beautiful combination of his sultry and husky voice and a romantic piano melody hit 80 million views in just 10 days and attracted a worldwide attention.

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