4 K-pop Stars Revealed How They Lost Weight Before Comebacks

Sep 10, 2019

4 K-pop Stars Revealed How They Lost Weight Before Comebacks
Losing weight can be especially difficult for those who love eating and find joy or comfort in food.

K-pop girl group members are not the exception since some of them also experience the exact same dilemma on a daily basis and struggles with their appetite.

But according to these four celebrities, there is a way to cope with this conundrum.

Let's go through their suggestions one by one, and figure out which method will suit you the best!

SOYOUSOYOU, K-pop artist and a former member of K-pop girl group SISTAR lost 8 kg (approximately 17.6 lb) in just one month.
SOYOUSOYOU first said that people who are trying to lose weight should measure the size of their body with their eyes; not with a body scale.
SOYOUSOYOU added that she woke up at six in the morning, walked to the gym, did cardio exercise and lifted weights and then worked out again in the evening while trying to lose weight.

HANIK-pop girl group EXID's member HANI said that she does not want to recommend her diet to others.
HANIWhen she made appearance at SBS LOVE FM's 'Kim Chang Yeol's Old School' back in 2015, HANI revealed that there is a way that she uses to lose weight before making her comeback.
HANIHANI said, "I don't want to recommend this method to other people, but I eat little as possible. Just a little to keep me alive."

3. Bomi of Apink
BomiBefore making her comeback with the group's new album 'PERCENT', K-pop girl group Apink's member Bomi unveiled the secret to her perfect body through her social media account.
BomiAccording to the video she uploaded, she lost 2.4 kg (approximately 5 lb) in a week using the following method―only drinking juice for seven days.
BomiBomi added that when she need to lose weight in a short amount of time, she usually drinks 500ml (approximately 16.907 oz) of anti-aging juice for breakfast, 500ml of fiber juice for lunch, and a half-cup of protein shake before going to bed.

4. Seol Hyun of AOA
SeolhyunIt seems like K-pop girl group AOA's member Seol Hyun has a unique but practical perspective on losing weight.
SeolhyunWhen Seol Hyun made appearance at JTBC's variety show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator', she said, "I eat everything I want but I try to watch the amount of food I eat."
SeolhyunShe added, "People say that one should eat their breakfast heavily and have a light dinner but if I do that, I get to eat a lot at night. So I just skip breakfast and eat a big dinner."

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