5 Girl Group Members Who Were Born After 2000 & Have an Amazing Physique

Sep 9, 2019

5 Girl Group Members Who Were Born After 2000 & Have an Amazing Physique
Most K-pop girl group members have an almost mannequin-like body, but there are some celebrities who literally have an unbelievable body proportion.

Their legs go for miles and their long and slim arms make their movements appear even more elegant and sophisticated.

For this reason, they always stand out of their group even if they are pulling off the exact same choreography as their fellow members.

These members turn everywhere they go into a runway, and catch the eyes of the public with just their existence.

The public have a high expectation on them since most of them still have a plenty of time to grow and expand their musical spectrum as minors who have not reached 20 yet.

Whilst watching them flaunting their talents on stage, one thought might spring to mind that human's body must have gone through some sort of revolution or transformation around 2000 since people who were born after that seem to have a completely different body type.

Let's take a look at these five K-pop girl group members who were born after 2000 and have the most unrealistic physique!

1. Jisoo of Busters: Born in 2003, 171cm (approximately 5' 7)
2. YEJI of ITZY: Born in 2000, 170cm (appoximately 5' 7)
3. YUNA of ITZY: Born in 2003, 170cm (approximately 5' 7)
4. An Yu Jin of IZ*ONE: Born in 2003, 168.6cm (approximately 5' 6)
5. Jang Won Young of IZ*ONE: Born in 2004, 169cm (approximately 5' 7)
IZ*ONEIZ*ONEIZ*ONE(Credit= 'drighk fancam 2015' YouTube, 'busters_official' Instagram, 'official.izone' 'OfficialItzy' Facebook, SBS funE)

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