5 Sports That the Members of BTS Enjoyed in Their School Days

Sep 9, 2019

5 Sports That the Members of BTS Enjoyed in Their School Days
The members of K-pop boy group BTS put a smile on their fans' faces with the pictures from their school days which showed the types of sports that they were into.

Recently, a thread titled, 'Sports that the members of BTS did in their school days' garnered attention online.

In the post, there were lists of games that the members frequently played before making their debut as a singer.
BTSBTSBTSSUGA played basketball in high school, and he once mentioned that his favorite position was shooting guard.
BTSBTSBTSAfter hearing this story, some fans made a speculation that SUGA probably got the ideas from his basketball position when choosing his stage name.
BTSJIN loves snowboarding and enjoys riding all kinds of boards, but he revealed himself that he does not know how to ski.
BTSBTSBTSBTSJIN has an amazing sense of balance as someone who loves snowboarding.
BTSBTSBTSA considerable amount of JUNGKOOK's old pictures are consists of the ones him doing Taekwondo (Korean martial art).
BTSBTSEven though he started learning Taekwondo at a very early age, he still remembers a few moves and flaunts it on stage from time to time.
BTSBTSBTSJIMIN studied contemporary dance in high school, but he also has a black belt in Taekwondo and practiced Kendo (Japanese martial art) for seven years.
BTSAccording to his high school teacher, he even entered his high school as the top of his class thanks to his good grades and amazing dancing skills.
BTSBTSDuring an interview with SBS, J-HOPE revealed that he probably would have been a tennis player if he had not pursued his music career.
BTSJ-HOPE said that he started playing tennis in elementary school, and added that he thinks very highly of Chung Hyeon, a professional tennis player from South Korea.

Even though RM and V are known to have no affiliation with their school's sports team, but RM is fairly good at skating and V has been riding bikes since elementary school.
BTSBTS(Credit= Online Community, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

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