BTS RM Once Again Cracks up His Fans with His Clumsiness

Sep 10, 2019

BTS RM Once Again Cracks up His Fans with His Clumsiness
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM made his fans burst into laughter with his sloppiness.

Recently, a post titled, 'A scenario where BTS members side with someone who stepped on other's feet; not the victim' drew attention online.

In the post, there were numerous pictures and the clips of RM that could help the public understand why his fans got to refer to him as the following title―the king of destruction.
RMWhen RM accidentally stepped on V's feet, the public could not help but to be surprised by the members' reaction since they acted like it was not a big deal and did not even scold RM.

The reason they did not make a big fuss out of it and seemed so nonchalant was not because they did not care about V or anything, but it was just that RM often hurt others and even himself unintentionally and broke things occasionally.
RMAfter going through a similar situation for a few times, it almost became a habit for the members to say, "It's okay because it's RM." whenever he breaks things or injures others.

Whether it was just trying on sunglasses, drinking water, or simply sitting on a chair, RM seemed like he did not have a full control over his body.RMRMRMRM was intelligent enough to mark top 1% on his mock exam, but he sometimes had a hard time putting the pen cap back on his pen.
RMOne time, he even had to pay a visit to the embassy after losing his passport in Sweden.
RMAfter seeing these pictures of RM, his fans commented, "But there is one thing that he never loses. His affection towards ARMY (the name of BTS' fan club).", "It's like he has a superpower or something.", "We can understand everything you do. Because it's you.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

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