VIDEO: iKON JU-NE Unveils the Sweetest Self-written Song

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 10, 2019

VIDEO: iKON JU-NE Unveils the Sweetest Self-written Song
K-pop boy group iKON's member JU-NE revealed a sweet-sounding self-written song that instantly melted the hearts of his fans.

On September 9, JU-NE updated his Instagram with a new video.

The video showed JU-NE singing and playing the guitar to an unheard-of ballad.

It turned out the sound was not familiar, because the song was made by JU-NE himself.

In the caption, JU-NE explained that it was titled 'Flood'.JU-NE'Flood' had a soft and sentimental tune, and the lyrics made it sound even more emotional.

The lyrics went like this, "We got drunk with the sound of the silent ocean and mountains, along with the right amount of sunlight. This place feels unfamiliar. Where are we now? I knew this place well, but I feel so lost right now."

In the chorus, JU-NE repeated, "The world that we live in is terrifying. We became flood and got washed away. We had no power."

With this video, JU-NE once again demonstrated his great talent in songwriting.

It also was the perfect gift to fans who had missed hearing him sing.

(Credit= 'juneeeeeeya' Instagram)

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