VIDEO: Yim Siwan Returns to Being a K-pop Star & Fans Scream with Joy

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 10, 2019

VIDEO: Yim Siwan Returns to Being a K-pop Star & Fans Scream with Joy
Actor/K-pop boy group ZE:A's member Yim Siwan performed on stage for the first time in years.

On September 8, Yim Siwan's fan meeting 'Close to you: closer' took place at YES24 Live Hall, Seoul.

As it was Yim Siwan's first time having his solo fan meeting since 2015, he tried to make the day as special as possible with various events.

Yim Siwan took time to honestly answer fans' questions and gave all of them an opportunity to hi-five him after the fan meeting.Yim SiwanMany other special events were prepared, but Yim Siwan also prepared himself to show fans a performance.

His performance was something that fans had desperately hoped to see, because they had not seen him perform in a long time.

For the past couple of years, Yim Siwan had mainly been focused on building his acting career, not to mention his recent time in the military.Yim SiwanTowards the end of the fan meeting, Yim Siwan ran backstage and came back wearing a revealing outfit that made him look extra sexy.

Then, Yim Siwan sang and danced to some songs by ZE:A to perfection.

Fans screamed throughout his performance and left wanting more when it was over.

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