Kang Daniel to Host a Special Audio Show During Chuseok

Sep 11, 2019

Kang Daniel to Host a Special Audio Show During Chuseok
K-pop artist Kang Daniel will be hosting his own special audio show during the upcoming Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday.

On September 11, it was announced that Kang Daniel will be launching 'Kang Daniel Show' through NAVER's live audio streaming service NOW.
Kang DanielThe show will be aired at 3PM KST every day from September 11 to September 15 on NOW.

'Kang Daniel Show' features a total of four episodes, and Kang Daniel will share new stories and content with fans each day.
Kang DanielOn September 11, Kang Daniel will play his favorite songs of diverse genres, ranging from hip-hop to ballads.

Then on September 12, he will talk about films that he wants to binge watch with his fans during the holiday.

Fans are particularly interested in this episode as Kang Daniel previously mentioned that he receives inspiration for his lyrics from movies.
Kang DanielThe following day, hip-hop artist Gray will join the show as a guest and talk about their music and ongoing projects.

For the last episode of 'Kang Daniel Show' on September 14, he will play more songs that he want to share with fans as the holiday comes to an end.

Lastly, the four episodes will be streamed for the second time on September 15 for any fans who missed the original broadcast.

(Credit= NAVER NOW, KONNECT Entertainment

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