Park Ji Hoon Spends 7 Hours in His Fans' Open Group Chat Yesterday

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 11, 2019

Park Ji Hoon Spends 7 Hours in His Fans' Open Group Chat Yesterday
K-pop artist Park Ji Hoon spent quality time with his fans online yesterday.

On September 10, Park Ji Hoon unexpectedly joined 'Solitary Room' under his name on Kakaotalk―the largest free mobile instant messaging application in Korea.

'Solitary Room' is an open group chat on Kakaotalk in which people can anonymously communicate with each other.

Some K-pop group fans create their own Solitary Room to share pictures and talk about their favorite group/member.Park Ji HoonUpon entering the group chat, Park Ji Hoon said, "Hi, MAY (the name of Park Ji Hoon's fandom). I've come here because I missed you too much."

He then proved that he was real Park Ji Hoon, as the majority of his fans did not believe him.

After proving himself to be real Park Ji Hoon, he excitedly explained that he was planning to spend the rest of the day in the group chat.Park Ji HoonThroughout the day, Park Ji Hoon shared photos of himself and his dog 'Max', and repeatedly showed his love to MAY with blowing a kiss and sending a heart emojis.

He also asked MAY about the things they had eaten for lunch and dinner as well as menu recommendations.

Before he left the group chat, Park Ji Hoon noted, "Today has been so great. Good night, MAY. Don't be sad, okay? I promise to come back in the near future."

On this day, Park Ji Hoon stayed in one of his fans' Solitary Rooms from 3PM to 10PM, around seven hours in total.Park Ji HoonPark Ji Hoon's dog(Credit= Online Community, '0529.jihoon.ig' Instagram)

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