VIDEO: SuperM Members Choose Their Leader During a Live Broadcast

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 16, 2019

VIDEO: SuperM Members Choose Their Leader During a Live Broadcast
The members of SM Entertainment's upcoming 'joint group' SuperM picked their leader.

On September 11, all members of SuperM―BAEKHYUN, KAI, TAEMIN, TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS and TEN unexpectedly held a live broadcast.

TAEMIN explained, "We got bored while practicing our dance."SuperMDuring this live broadcast, one fan asked, "Who is the leader of SuperM?"

BAEKHYUN immediately answered, "It's TAEMIN! Well, it's got to be him."

TAEMIN laughed and responded, "No, it's not me. In fact, we haven't decided on that yet. Actually, shall we choose one now since the subject had been brought up and all?"SuperMAfter seeing the other members nod, TAEMIN continued, "I would like to recommend BAEKHYUN as our leader. You might think I should be the leader, because I have more experience in this field. But BAEKHYUN takes really good care of us and is also great at that."

TAEMIN added, "I personally would like him to keep taking care of us the way he does and lead our group."SuperMThe other five members agreed that BAEKHYUN would make a good leader, and BAEKHYUN became the leader of SuperM just like that.

BAEKHYUN commented with a shy smile, "Okay, it looks like I have become the leader of SuperM. Ummm... I'll always try to do my best for our group."

Meanwhile, SuperM is scheduled to release its debut album on October 4.

(Credit= 'SuperM' YouTube, 'superm' Twitter)

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