Fans Criticize HAHA's "Rude" Comment on Jeon So Min's Instagram

Sep 16, 2019

Fans Criticize HAHA's "Rude" Comment on Jeon So Min's Instagram
Some fans of SBS' variety show 'Running Man' criticized the show's member HAHA for leaving a "rude" comment on his fellow member Jeon So Min's latest social media post.

On September 13, Jeon So Min took her personal Instagram account to share a photo of herself enjoying her day off with her younger brother.
Fans Point out HAHA's 'RudeIn the photo, Jeon So Min is showing her bare face whilst enjoying a short walk with her brother at her "secret place."
Fans Point out HAHA's 'RudeHAHA poked fun at Jeon So Min's natural look and left a comment that says, "Consider applying something on your face! So Min!"

To this, some fans argued that his comment on Jeon So Min's appearance is rude and disrespectful.
Fans Point out HAHA's 'RudeThey commented, "What? Go put something on your face first then.", "She looks natural and gorgeous as always. What is your problem?", "I find this extremely unnecessary and rude.", and more.

Considering the fact that HAHA and Jeon So Min have developed a good friendship by co-starring in 'Running Man' over the years, some others also commented that they need to consider the comment showing how close they are in real life in the form of bickering.

While many more people are expressing their disappointment in the comments section, neither HAHA nor Jeon So Min has spoken about this matter.

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