VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook's Cover of 'Speechless' from Aladdin Impresses Everyone

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 16, 2019

VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook's Cover of 'Speechless' from Aladdin Impresses Everyone
Singer Kim Jong-kook made the audience speechless with his incredible cover of 'Speechless' from a 2019 musical fantasy film 'Aladdin'.

On September 15 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the cast members of the show were seen at their ninth annual fan meeting 'Running Nine'.

In order to make the day more memorable to fans, Kim Jong-kook prepared a special performance for them: 'Speechless'.  Kim Jong-kookAfter the release of 'Aladdin' this summer, the public went all crazy about 'Speechless' and was covered by a great number of people around the world.

Not many men covered the song, however, because the note was too high for them.

It not only started off high, but it hit unbelievably high notes as the song moved towards the end.Kim Jong-kookBut it seemed like those high notes were not even an issue to bring up for Kim Jong-kook; he sang the song without any difficulties at all.

In fact, he was so flawless in every way that he made the audience completely speechless.

At the end of his performance, everyone gave the singer a huge round of applause.

(Credit= SBS Running Man)

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