Kang Daniel Shares What Kind of Artist He Wishes to Be

Sep 18, 2019

Kang Daniel Shares What Kind of Artist He Wishes to Be
K-pop artist Kang Daniel shared his thoughts on 'Produce 101', his fans DANITY, and what kind of artist he wishes to be.

On September 17, fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN unveiled the cover of its upcoming October issue featuring Kang Daniel as the cover model.
Kang DanielKang DanielAfter the photo shoot, Kang Daniel sat down for an interview with the magazine to share a few words.

In regard to Mnet's survival audition program 'Produce 101' series, the season 2 winner said, "Just like we did, it's always great to see people strongly desiring a dream and working their best to achieve it.

He continued, "This does not solely apply to trainees. I hope that many people can gain hope by seeing the path I've walked and the path that I'm walking right now."
Kang DanielThen Kang Daniel explained the meaning behind his recently-announced official fan club name, DANITY.

He said, "DANITY is a word that combines my name 'Daniel' and '-ity', meaning that every moment Kang Daniel and fans spend together is special. My fans, who are always supporting me by my side, were nameless for the past six months. Now they finally have an amazing name!"
Kang DanielKang Daniel also shared what kind of artist he ultimately wishes to be.

He revealed, "In addition to giving people joy, I think an artist is a person who can have a positive influence. I'm doing my best to become an artist like that as well."

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