TWICE MINA Spotted at the Airport Looking Much Better

Sep 18, 2019

TWICE MINA Spotted at the Airport Looking Much Better
MINA of K-pop girl group TWICE is slowly but surely gearing up for her comeback.

On September 17, MINA was spotted at Gimpo International Airport returning to Korea with her mother.

MINA tightly grasped her mother's hand as she comes out of the gate, and kept her head down while making their way through the crowd.
MINAAlthough she covered her face with a hat and a mask, MINA clearly seemed much better compared to her last arrival to Korea on August 1.

MINA's management agency, JYP Entertainment, recently confirmed that MINA will partially participate in TWICE's upcoming comeback promotions following her 2-month hiatus due to her anxiety disorder.
MINAThe agency dropped MINA's individual teaser as well as TWICE's group teaser which also features MINA in the center, announcing her grand return.
TWICEFans commented, "It's so good to see you feeling much better, MINA.", "Your condition is the priority. We are here waiting for you!", "I hope she's not struggling a lot. Take your time, MINA.", and more.

Meanwhile, TWICE is set to make its comeback on September 23 with the group's eighth mini album 'Feel Special'.

Don't forget to watch MINA's gorgeous individual teaser below!

(Credit= 'studio PARN' 'jypentertainment' YouTube, JYP Entertainment)

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