Hash Swan Urges Fans to Consider BTS JUNGKOOK's Feelings

Sep 19, 2019

Hash Swan Urges Fans to Consider BTS JUNGKOOK's Feelings
Hip-hop artist Hash Swan, who unintentionally tied up in K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK's recent dating rumors, asked both his and JUNGKOOK's fans to stop fighting.

After a CCTV footage surfaced online of a man, alleged to be JUNGKOOK, hugging a woman, some people speculated that the man in the photo was actually Hash Swan.

To clarify the issue, Hash Swan took his Instagram to share the image with a caption, "This is not me. So many of you have asked, so."
BTS JUNGKOOK Swept up in Dating Rumors; Rapper Hash Swan Fires Back at ARMYHe later shared multiple screenshots of people leaving malicious comments against him, and posted a long message asking people to stop harassing him for something that he was not involved.
Hash Swan, JUNGKOOKThen on September 18, Hash Swan held a live broadcast to comment on the unending fights between his fans and JUNGKOOK's fans.

Hash Swan said, "I was hurt, but that doesn't mean you all need to be fighting like this. I have gotten a lot better, and I feel guilty seeing fans fighting with each other. Let's not fight over this, everyone. We've figured out the situation now."
Hash Swan"Dear BTS fans," he continued, "It is true that I was dragged into this when I didn't do anything, but I've also received many apologies for it. I think that BTS' JUNGKOOK must be just as upset as I am and going through a tough time as well."

He added, "But considering his special career status, he wouldn't be able to say anything even if he wants to. Idols and rappers are different, you know. It doesn't really matter if I say whatever I want to say and letting my image ruined, but he can't express as freely as I do."

Hash Swan then asked everyone to stop fighting about the controversy.

He said, "Let's just stop here. I don't know if my fans are fighting to protect me or if they just hate the other fandom, but let's just all stop."

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