YG Entertainment Warns Fans to Stay Away from iKON at the Airport

Sep 20, 2019

YG Entertainment Warns Fans to Stay Away from iKON at the Airport
K-pop boy group iKON's management agency YG Entertainment officially warned some fans who caused a chaotic scene during the group's recent airport arrival.

On September 18, the members of iKON arrived at Kansai International Airport (Osaka, Japan) for their 'iKON Japan Tour 2019' Osaka concert.
iKONAs soon as the members walked out of the gate, large crowds of fans who were waiting at the airport screamed and ran towards the members.
iKONThe security line immediately became useless as dozens of fans rushed to see iKON members; and BOBBY was hit in the face with a toy while DONGHYUK fell to the floor.
iKONThere was no other choice for the members but to evacuate out of the airport, as the chaos not only cause inconvenience to other passengers but also may bring dangerous situation to the fans.
iKONFollowing the group's arrival, YG Entertainment released an official notice of warning to fans on iKON's official Japanese website.

The agency's statement reads as follows:

Last day, there was an unpleasant situation.

Airport is a public place for everyone.

Therefor, occupying a public space can cause big chaos to general passengers and related staff.

Artists actually faced serious danger by certain behaviors of some people such as chasing them after at the airport.

That was not a support at all.

That was very harmful and risky behavior to everyone.

If the same situation as last day would be repeated, the artists won't be able to use public transportation and to visit Japan.

In the future, if there are people who do such behaviors causing safety issues, we will strictly restrict them to participate in any events or activities of iKON.

We fully aware that there are many of you who are very supportive with manners.

Please understand the reason to notice the inconvenient situation.

To protect your supported artists, we need your help and understanding.

We hope not to see the same situation happening again for all.

Thank you for all your attention and love to iKON.
(Credit= 'chrstinedln' Twitter, YG Entertainment)

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