Where Exactly in the World Is BTS Right Now?

Sep 20, 2019

Where Exactly in the World Is BTS Right Now?
Some fans of K-pop boy group BTS speculated that the members are currently visiting New Zealand to film their new season of 'Bon Voyage'.

On September 16, the seven members of BTS were spotted at Incheon International Airport heading to "somewhere" to film "something" there.

Of course, fans are dying to know every detail about their overseas schedule, as the members were on their much-needed vacation for about a month just before the airport appearance.

Fans are betting on the new season of BTS' overseas travel reality show 'Bon Voyage', but nothing has been confirmed.
SUGAThen on September 19, SUGA shared a selfie of himself on BTS' official Twitter account along with the caption, "Good night."
SUGAHe also shared another photo on Weverse of himself standing in front of a mountain by an icy lake; hinting that the group is currently visiting somewhere in the world that is currently winter.

Previously on September 18, JIN and JIMIN also updated the group's Twitter with new photos.
JINJIN's post were of two photos of himself posing in front of some deer with his signature 'dad joke', "What do you call a deer with good eyesight? Good idea(eye-deer)."
JIMIN, RMJIMIN posed with RM for a selfie and the two members were seen wearing matching fur hats, and left a caption, "Minnie monnie."
SUGAAfter analyzing the photos and the members' posting time, some ARMY (BTS' fan club) speculated that BTS is currently in New Zealand.

(Credit= 'bts_twt' 'meljiho' Twitter, Weverse)

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