Kyla Opens up about the Story Behind PRISTIN's Disbandment

Sep 23, 2019

Kyla Opens up about the Story Behind PRISTIN's Disbandment
Disbanded K-pop girl group PRISTIN's former member Kyla talked about her hiatus, the group's disbandment, and many other things about PRISTIN in her video.

On September 21, Kyla posted a Q&A video on her newly-launched personal YouTube channel.
PRISTINWhile answering a few questions from fans, Kyla explained why she went on hiatus.

She said, "The reason why I went on a hiatus is that I ended up getting injured. I got a concussion while filming our second music video, and the doctors and my company decided that it would be best if I took a period of rest and recover from this injury."
PRISTINIn regard to PRISTIN's disbandment, Kyla said, "What I can tell you is that a lot of things happened behind the scenes that you guys are unaware of. And ultimately, we all came to the decision. We all came to this mutual agreement that it would be best if we all went our separate paths."

She continued, "We all have our own callings, and we thought that at this point it would be best if we went in our separate directions."
PRISTINPRISTINDuring the Q&A session, Kyla also revealed that PRISTIN have around 20 to 30 unreleased songs, and that although the members are not active on their group chatroom, they still talk individually.

To a question whether she would still choose to become an idol if she could turn back time, Kyla said, "Yes, I have absolutely no regrets when it comes to becoming an idol, like I understand that due to the disbandment that there could be this misconception that I wouldn't want to become an idol again or I would just not do it if I could turn back time, and that's definitely not true."

Meanwhile, PRISTIN officially disbanded on May 24 this year.

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