SHINee TAEMIN Breaks Into KEY's House & Holds a Birthday Party There Without Him

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 24, 2019

SHINee TAEMIN Breaks Into KEY's House & Holds a Birthday Party There Without Him
K-pop boy group SHINee's member TAEMIN held a very unique birthday party for his fellow member KEY.

On September 23, KEY welcomed his 28th birthday and the day was celebrated in a special way.

About couple of hours before the end of KEY's birthday, TAEMIN shared two photos on his Instagram.

The photos showed TAEMIN posing in front of a large frame and cake with candles in the shape of number 28.TAEMINThere was something strange about these photos though, because the place looked much like KEY's house.

However, KEY was not at home as he is currently serving his national mandatory duty in the military.

The only explanation that made sense was that TAEMIN had broken into KEY's house and decided to have a birthday party for KEY there.TAEMINA few minutes later, TAEMIN also uploaded a video on his Instagram.

The video was of TAEMIN going through KEY's clothes in the dressing room.

Then, TAEMIN picks a cardigan that he likes and puts it on with a satisfied smile.

TAEMIN says, "I'm leaving now, KEY! Congratulations, by the way. Bye!"

After checking TAEMIN's posts out, fans burst into laughter and left comments such as, "I wonder how KEY's going to respond when he sees these posts.", "TAEMIN can only do this because they are close. I find this so cute!", "Can anyone please stop me from laughing? I honestly can't stop myself." and so on.

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