Lee Seung Gi Unveils His Well-built 8-pack Abs in 'VAGABOND' Stills

Sep 26, 2019

Lee Seung Gi Unveils His Well-built 8-pack Abs in 'VAGABOND' Stills
Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi showed off his well-built body in the latest stills of his ongoing drama 'VAGABOND'. 

On September 26, the production team of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama 'VAGABOND' released new stills featuring the drama's male lead, Lee Seung Gi.
Lee Seung GiThe newly-released photos of Lee Seung Gi show the physical work he has put in for the stunt scene in the drama.

He had reportedly worked tirelessly to sculpt his body to that of his character, 'Cha Dal-geon', who is a former stuntman.
Lee Seung GiLee Seung Gi participated in intense physical training sessions every day to build his body, and received special training for his action scenes.

According to the production team, Lee Seung Gi started laughing in embarrassment when he had to take his shirt off for shooting.
Lee Seung GiOne representative of the production team stated, "The amount of effort and passion that Lee Seung Gi put into becoming Cha Dal-geon impressed all the production staff in every filming. Please look forward to seeing Lee Seung Gi taking a new step in his acting career with his role as Cha Dal-geon."


(SBS Star)