VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Shows Off His Great(?) Guitar Skills

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 26, 2019

VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Shows Off His Great(?) Guitar Skills
K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK showed off his great(?) guitar skills.

On September 23, BTS' management agency dropped a new episode of BTS' original series 'BANGTAN BOMB' on their YouTube.

The video showed the members of BTS taking some rest in their waiting room before heading to a filming studio for an American late-night show 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.JIMINAs there were many intruments lying around the waiting room, JIMIN grabbed an acoustic guitar and started playing it.

JUNGKOOK decided to play the guitar after JIMIN, and as soon as he ran his fingers through the strings, the members of BTS burst into laughter.

It was because JUNGKOOK wanted to play a popular Korean song 'Yeosu Night Sea', but it was completely out of tune.

Despite that, JUNGKOOK just awkwardly laughed and continued to play the guitar in his own way.JUNGKOOKEven though JUNGKOOK was clearly not the best at playing the guitar, the members of BTS encouraged him instead of making fun of him.

SUGA commented, "Since when were you so good at playing the guitar, JUNGKOOK? I'm truly impressed."

RM said, "You know, we are in New York City now, but I thought I was in Yeosu for a minute."

The rest of the members clapped for JUNGKOOK while repeating, "Wow, that sounded amazing." as well.

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