BTS Recalls the Time When JUNGKOOK Injured His Foot

Sep 26, 2019

BTS Recalls the Time When JUNGKOOK Injured His Foot
The members of K-pop boy group BTS recalled the time when the group's youngest member JUNGKOOK injured his foot.

In episode 5 of BTS' Weverse-exclusive documentary series 'BRING THE SOUL: DOCU-SERIES', the members talked about how physical setbacks affect them individually, and as a team.

Back in October 2018, JUNGKOOK injured his foot while stretching just before the group's 'LOVE YOURSELF' concert at O2 Arena, London.
BTSJUNGKOOK confessed that he was so upset with himself for getting hurt just before the stage, but that he tried not to let it affect him for the sake of BTS.

He said, "It was bewildering. I blamed myself a lot, and I got really mad. But if I do that, it doesn't help anything. I'd make everyone else uncomfortable."
BTSV also recalled the time and said, "He (JUNGKOOK) was warming up for a better performance, and it's a real pity he was injured. He has so much passion for the stage, so I knew he was going to be very upset."
BTSJIMIN added, "I can't even imagine how much he's beating himself up over this," sharing his own situation of having cramped muscles which eventually made him to sit out from 'The Graham Norton Show' appearance.
BTSSUGA and JIN also talked about how all members of BTS experience health setbacks during their tour, and that they realized how important it is to take good care of their health; not just for themselves but for their team and their fans.

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