VIDEO: Randall Park Explains Why He Cried at BTS' Concert

Sep 27, 2019

VIDEO: Randall Park Explains Why He Cried at BTS' Concert
'Fresh Off the Boat', 'The Interview' actor Randall Park talked about his love for K-pop boy group BTS, and explained why he cried at the group's Rose Bowl concert.

On September 26 episode of NBC's 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the episode's two guest hosts, Beth Behrs and Whitney Cummings asked Park about being a fan of BTS.
The Ellen ShowRandall Park shared that he went to see BTS' stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' held at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena last May.

With a photo of him in the audience with tears rolling down on his face, Randall Park said, "I was super moved by them!"
The Ellen ShowHe continued, "I was not a fan going to that show, but my wife was a huge fan. And I get there, the Rose Bowl... 90,000 people packed... All different races, all different ages, singing along to these Korean musicians and dancers... It was just really like, 'Oh my gosh.'"

He went on, "As a kid, I could never have imagined something like that happening. So I cried."
The Ellen ShowRandall Park also showed a photo of himself with a set of BTS dolls, and explained that they belong to him, not his daughter or wife.

He said, "They're on a shelf in our living room. I'm not ashamed! I love them."

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