Moon Myung-jin Tells How His Photo with BTS V Almost Made His Phone to Explode

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 27, 2019

Moon Myung-jin Tells How His Photo with BTS V Almost Made His Phone to Explode
Singer Moon Myung-jin shared what happened to his Instagram and phone after posting a photo with K-pop boy group BTS' member V.

On September 26 episode of KBS' talk show 'Happy Together', Moon Myung-jin made a guest appearance.

During the talk, Moon Myung-jin surprised the hosts and other guests by revealing that him and V are good friends.

When asked about his friendship with V, Moon Myung-jin said, "V reached out to me first. He asked for my number, saying that he was my fan. Since then, we spent time with each other every now and then. We hung out at my work studio, chatted at a coffee shop, ate some fried chicken together and stuff."Moon Myung-jinThe singer continued, "Then, I called him several months ago. I asked him when he was free, and he told me, 'Sorry, hyung. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make time this year.' I was a little sad about that."

He added, "What I didn't know was how busy he was, because I don't really watch TV and know much about K-pop groups. Later, I found out why he said he couldn't make time this year. I mean, he had become a superstar. Then, I totally understood why."Moon Myung-jinThen, Moon Myung-jin mentioned the time when he uploaded a photo of himself with V on his Instagram.

He said, "I usually get about 100 to 200 likes on my Instagram. But when I uploaded a photo with V, there were like thousands of likes."

He went on, "I had never experienced that in my life. My phone was going so crazy that I had to turn the notification off in the end."Moon Myung-jin(Credit= KBS Happy Together, 'soul4life1977' Instagram)

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