Ong Seong-wu Confesses that He Has Accidentally(?) Consumed Wheat Again After 4 Months

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 27, 2019

Ong Seong-wu Confesses that He Has Accidentally(?) Consumed Wheat Again After 4 Months
Actor Ong Seong-wu confessed that he has accidentally(?) consumed wheat again after successfully not consuming it for about four months.

Back on June 16 when Ong Seong-wu held a live broadcast, he told fans, "I've recently decided to stop eating all food containing wheat."

He continued, "I haven't done it for that long yet, but am already seeing some positive changes. Not only my face isn't swollen in the morning, but my skin has become much nicer."

As some fans worried that he may not eat properly that way, Ong Seong-wu explained, "Don't worry, I'm eating well. I'm eating three meals a day. I'm just going wheat-free, that's all."Ong Seong-wuThen on September 23, Ong Seong-wu was asked whether he still is not consuming any wheat during a live broadcast.

As soon as Ong Seong-wu read this question, he awkwardly smiled and chuckled.

Ong Seong-wu said, "Actually, I'm not. Oh man, why did I seriously eat it? Yeah, I ended up eating wheat again. Sorry, guys. I don't know if this is something to be sorry about, but..."Ong Seong-wuThe actor continued, "Okay, but I did stop eating it for like four months. Isn't that like a super long time? I mean, it's not like I can go without it forever!"

He explained how it all happened, "So, the other day, I was having some kimchi-jjigae. I saw a pack of instant noodles in the distance and couldn't help myself from reaching for it. Things like that happens, you know."

At the end, he laughingly added, "I'm going to stop myself from consuming it again though. I really am this time!"

Even though nobody had criticized him, it seemed like Ong Seong-wu felt genuinely guilty about breaking his own promise.

Ong Seong-wu's adorable confession made a lot of fans laugh. 


(SBS Star)