OH MY GIRL HYOJUNG Never Loses Her Smile?

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 27, 2019

OH MY GIRL HYOJUNG Never Loses Her Smile?
Since the young age, we are advised to stay positive and smile at all times.

However, a lot of us soon realize that is much easier said than done as we often get hit by various emotions.

There is one K-pop girl group leader who seems to be the the best at this than anybody else in this world though, and that is HYOJUNG of OH MY GIRL.

According to her fellow members, the only time when she is not smiling is when she is asleep.

Shall we have a look at how well she keeps a smile on her face?

1. When fireworks surprised her.
HYOJUNG2. When she was trying to win a race.
HYOJUNG3. When she lost a computer game.
HYOJUNG4. When her voice did not sound the way she wanted it to sound like. 
HYOJUNG5. When she was about to get flicked on the forehead.
HYOJUNG6. When she thought her fellow members had betrayed her.
HYOJUNG7. When she talked about losing her father as a teenager.
HYOJUNG8. When she fell while performing. HYOJUNG(Credit= 'wm_ohmygirl' Instagram, Online Community, MBC King of Mask Singer, 'OH MY GIRL' NAVER V LIVE)

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