Lee Minho Shares His Take on Living as a Person & Actor

Sep 30, 2019

Lee Minho Shares His Take on Living as a Person & Actor
Actor Lee Minho candidly opened up about his values on work, love, and happiness.

On September 30, fashion magazine L'Officiel Hommes revealed its new cover for the upcoming autumn/winter issue featuring Lee Minho as the cover model.
Lee MinhoIn the three different covers, Lee Minho flaunts his charms in various suits, oozing out fall vibes and more matured looks.

In terms of maturity, Lee Minho shared his thoughts, "I feel like people who live life close to their real selves are mature," and said that he is also working hard to express himself as he is after figuring out his true thoughts, dispositions, and appearance.
Lee MinhoPreviously, it was announced that Lee Minho would make his small screen comeback with famous screenwriter Kim Eun-sook's new drama 'The King: the Eternal Monarch' (literal translation).

To better portray his character 'Lee Gon' the Emperor, Lee Minho shared that he is currently taking lessons on horseback riding, pronunciation and vocalization to support his acting skills.
Lee MinhoLee Minho also talked about his wish as an actor, "I hope actor Lee Minho is there, whenever the viewers think of various genres and diverse characters."

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